KOSÉ Testimonial

KOSÉ want to conduct a whole day activities, which includes: introduction of KOSÉ corporation, product test, group activities, review / testimonial of product from one of Japanese Bank in Jakarta office ladies, and photo / video shooting of the product test and testimonial session.

This study aims to obtain consumer feedback and learnings on the ‘ÉSPRIQUE Cool BB Spray UV50 EX’, hence it can be used for the promotional / campaign material. In addition, it also can help KOSÉ corporation to enter the market of young Indonesian women.

The cool sensation is amazing !

When i try to my skin, it feel so cool and very comfy. After i use this product it doesn't feel heavy on my face, it's very light and natural

The Matte effect is very good ..

I know the other Brand BB Cream and it was so sticky and i don't like it. This Esprique Cool BB Spray is not sticky at all. The nice things is the Matte effect, absolutely makes my face looks so matte. I'm in love with this product ❤


It's really Practical..

This product has 5 Function, it's very affordable, simple as well as easy to bring it anywhere. We don't need to bring much more Makeup include face powder, just 1 item with this product, and voila.. you can looks gorgeous all day long 


An industry-first cooling BB Spray that tightens pores and smoothest skin with a refreshing sensation.

Five Function in One!

A multi-functional product that works as an essence, sunscreen, makeup base, foundation, and face powder all at once.

Hydrating Essence Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Amino Acids, Mint Extract, Butylene Glycol

Product Benefit

When the pressurized BB liquid is expelled from the canister, this vaporization process cools down the liquid, making it 5°C cooler to the touch!

easy to use
rich of color
easy to clean
low price