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Anti Aging & Brightening One by KOSÉ Serum Veil

A fundamental change for the life of your skin. Japan's only hydrating boosting serum, for a daily healthy skin.

- Medicated Moisturizing Serum / Pre Serum

- Effective for rough skin and flu.

- Floral/green plant aroma

- Light Acidity

- Colorless

- Tested non-comedogenic (formula does not cause acne)

- 120 mL: 200-300 uses


- Increases the skin's ability to produce and retain moisture on its own.

- Softens the skin to increase lotion penetration after lotion application.

- The final result is soft, firm, smooth and dense which is not sticky at all.

Active Ingredients:

1. Rice Power TM No.11 (Rice Extract No.11) – Improve skin's hydration capacity

2. Iris root extract, clove flower extract, Acti-rize yeast extract, super hyaluronic acid and concentrated glycerines

3. Emollient Ingredient: Octyldodecanol and squalene

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Anti Aging & Brightening One By KOSE The Wrinkless S

Long-awaited Medicated Wrinkle Improvement Cream
The upward power to improve the 3D structure from within Medicated wrinkle improvement cream which acts deeply on either new line or deep wrinkle.
Skin to aim at
Vibrant skin on which wrinkles are not notable.
Target :
All women who do not want to give up on reducing wrinkles.

Selling Point
Contains Wrinkle Niacin, an active ingredient whose powerful anti-wrinkle effect has been officially approved. Medicated wrinkle improvement cream acts on both epidermal and dermal wrinkles.

Appealing points
- Double active ingredients
Wrinkle improvement effect

- Instantly
Effectiveness is felt.

Advancement and subjective symptoms of wrinkles
Skin becomes more prone to dehydration as we get older. / Skin surface tends to be hardened.

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Anti Aging & Brightening One by KOSE Balancing Tuner

This is the brand to reach customers through the products with utmost quality realized by the combination of smartness of KOSE research.
This is the new and only lotion in Japan, which has sebum secretion controlling effect.
Shine Block
Controls sebum secretion by acting on the cause of sebum.
Goal :
Skin which never experiences shine, makeup deterioration, stickiness all day long.
Target :
All women who are concerned about shiny skin, makeup deterioration and stickiness.
Selling Point
This is the only lotion in Japan containing active ingredient called Rice Power No.6 which controls sebum secretion. Medicated sebum secretion controlling lotion which fundamentally changes shiny skin into the smooth and fine skin with less pore appearance.
Fundamentally takes care of the shine-prone skin which is in the vicious cycle of sebum generation. Skin becomes clear and pores become less apparent

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Anti Aging & Brightening One By KOSE Melanoshot W

KOSÉ's No. 1 whitening serum, now more advanced. KOSÉ has successfully conducted a 3D wide-area analysis of the origin of blemishes using a world-first technology. It is formulated with KOSE unique Advanced Kojic that targets the source of dark spots. It reaches the root cause of the dark spots to effectively prevents the formation of dark or conspicuous spots, leading to clear and bright skin. With the same moisturising effect as the previous version, it applies freshly and penetration quickly with improve permeability.

How to use :

- Use in the morning and at night after toning your skin with Water.

- Press the pump, take a small amount in the palm of your hand, and gently apply it to your face.

- Do not place it in high temperatures or in direct sunlight.

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Anti Aging & Brightening KOSE INFINITY Prestigious Serum Indulgence

KOSE Infinity Prestigious Serum Indulgence - 40ml 
Ultimate Anti Aging Serum for elasticity, lifting & firmness is here! This is a solution to make your contours looking more redefined and sculpted!
Contains Microcapsules that filled with Rebooting CPX. 
The Microcapsules are fused with the essence base that supplies energy & formulated with mate tea extract. The Capsules can be pop freshly on your palm and mix with the rich essence base then penetrate deep into the stratum corneum. How Fantastic & Unique, right? 
Another point plus, its allergy tested. 

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Anti Aging & Brightening KOSE INFINITY Prestigious Soften & Renew Cleansing Balm

First Thing First : FIRST CLEANSER 

Before use any skincare products, we need to make sure that our skin are already clean from makeup,dirt, oil & even sunscreen. 

Prestigious Soften & Renew Cleansing Balm has a balm type cleanser that easily melt when touch the heat of the skin. It will remove your makeup effortlessly & less irritated. 

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Anti Aging & Brightening KOSE INFINITY Prestigious Smooth & Renew Foaming Milk Cleanser

After First cleanser, of course we need a second cleanser to remove the leftover of our first cleanser & to make sure that our skin are completely clean!

Prestigious Smooth & Renew Milk Cleanser has a milky lotion type, has a creamy & dense foam, left your skin very smooth & supple skin that looks like it has been polished.

It has a nice floral scent & Its Paraben - Free 

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Anti Aging & Brightening KOSE INFINITY Advanced Moisture Concentrate Serum

Infinity Advanced Moisture Concentrate Serum - 50g

Main function : to lock your skin moisture & boost skin elasticity

Unique things about this product is... it's a serum but in emulsion form.

Concentrated moisture is brimming from the deeper layers of the stratum corneum.

How to use:

1. Use day & night after lotion.

2. Apply 2 pearl size of the serum (Emulsion) over entire face

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Anti Aging & Brightening KOSE INFINITY Advanced Moisture Concentrate

Don’t let dryness become the signs of aging!

Made with the power of microorganisms that survive in harsh environments, and bio-cosmetic ingredients.

Its an essence that improves the skin's ability to retain moisture, repairing the condition of your skin.

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Anti Aging & Brightening KOSE INFINITY Advanced Moisture Concentrate Lotion

Lotion for hydrated, smooth skin, generously hydrating every cell in your stratum corneum. Awakening the true beauty of your skin.

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Anti Aging & Brightening KOSE INFINITY Unlimited Key Serum

An Anti Aging Serum that contains two key capsules to protect and regenerate.

The oil capsules and the transparent essence containing the nano-sized releasing capsules are mixed at the moment you put it in your palm, and every time you use it, the mellowness of the oil that bursts from the capsules and the moisture of the essence are combined.