Treatment Cleansing Oil

Smoothly removes makeup and dullness*. Cleansing oil that purifies skin to creates beautiful and clear transluceny.

  • Oriental herbal oil compounded in high density that gently embraces skin with a mild texture, cleansing it to create clear translucency.
  • Three types of coix seed oil, sesame oil, and safflower oil with high emollient effect softens coarse skin and smoothly removes color sedimentation, keratin plug, and coarse texture adhering deep down in the pores.
  • Comfortable texture that gently spreads on skin, like a soothing oil massage.
  • Does not give sticky finish. Tones skin to a plump and smooth state.
  • Can be used with wet hands.
  • Comforting floral scent, common to all SEKKISEI products.

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