Enriched Emulsion

An intensely hydrating lotion that creates skin like snow, thoroughly hydrated with the power of oriental plant extracts.

A whitening emulsion that spreads with a pleasant, supple texture to create soft, pliant skin. The dense hydration of oriental plant extracts saturates the stratum corneum along with active whitening ingredients

Simultaneously gives a feeling of thorough hydration and a non-sticky touch. The emulsion balances out the oil and water content of your skin while making it moist and pliant, and tackles dullness caused by dehydration to make your skin appear brighter.

Formulated with two types of oleic acid to heighten the lotion’s penetrative ability. Even penetrates dry, rough skin as it’s being absorbed.

Contains three types of emollient oils. Plumps up the skin from the inside with a full-bodied, rich feeling, giving it a satisfying feeling of moist hydration. The emulsion hydrates, yet doesn’t feel sticky, instead leaving the skin silky smooth.

A gentle, fresh modern floral scent of rose and jasmine, blended with relaxing chamomile.

Inhibits melanin generation and prevents blemishes and freckles.

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