Product Features : 

  • Contains extracts of “Lithospermum Erythrorhizon Root, Angelica and Sesame seed” which are used for a famous Japanese traditional wound-healing balm called “Shi-Un-Kou.
  • Essence-Emulsion in which moisturizing effect and non-sticky, matte end-feel on the surface are sought after at the same time.
  • Whether or not the skin is oily or dry, it balances skin’s moisture and oil well.
  • Skin is hydrated for hours and fine, clear complexion is enhanced.
  • Skin recovers its natural “brightness” and “clarity” with continual use of this product.


End Feel : 

  • It penetrates quickly as if skin drinks it.
  • Leaves skin like soufflé which is moist, airy and soft inside and smooth and matte outside.
  • Skin surface does not get sticky.


Fragrance : 

  • Modern Floral (All SEKKISEI products have this scent)


How To Use : 

  • Use after lotion.
  • Push once or twice when applying with palms and three times when applying with a cotton pad. Then gently massage it in the skin.

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