Product Features : 

  • Wipe-off essence to tone and clarify the skin to realize beautiful, flawless skin. Normalizes skin turnover cycles to enhance skin’s self-renewing ability.
  • Emulsion matrix is adopted to realize gentleness to the skin.
  • Gently removes dullness-causing old skin cells and roughness while softening horny layer. (Botanical emollient oil and horny layer removing agent).
  • Prevents discoloration and dullness due to horny layer thickening. (Honeysuckle Flower Extract, Prunus Mume Fruit Extract).
  • Contains oriental hot spring water which is highly skin-hydrating.
  • Firms and softens the horny layer to enhance penetration of next skincare items. (Oleic Acid Derivatives)


Texture and Finish : 

  • Rich, smooth and comfortable during application. Leaves no stress to the skin.
  • Skin becomes smoother and brighter use after use.


Fragrance : 

  • Modern Floral (Common fragrance through the entire SEKKISEI line)


How to use and cautions regarding usage : 

  • It is the first skincare item to be applied after facial wash.
  • Push twice onto a cotton pad and lightly wipe off the skin with it.
  • When it comes into the eye, immediately wash the eye.
  • Avoid high-temperature or direct sunlight when storing it.

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