Product Features : 

  • Instantly forms a thin membrane which is highly even, which helps skin appear clear, radiant and bright.
  • Blocks UV-rays to prevent sun-related spots and freckles.


Texture, Finish : 

  • Supreme smoothness overs the skin and skin stays appearing fine and beautiful.
  • Although it is made of powder, finish is not powdery. It spreads over the skin lightly as if it were melting in.
  • Membrane is not thick at all but naturally covers pores and uneven skin tone.
  • Enhances clearness and radiance by controlling dullness.


Fragrance : 

  • Modern floral (common fragrance for all SEKKISEI items)


How To Use : 

  • Place it in a separately-sold case.
  • Apply it after conditioning the skin with your regular makeup base, BB or CC cream or skincare items. It is also an excellent makeup fixer on the go.
  • (When applied using the incorporated sponge)
    • Spread appropriate amount evenly over the skin with the incorporated sponge. For clearer finish, use the fluffy side of the sponge. For greater bur natural coverage, use the regular sponge side.
  • (How to set a refill in a case)
    • Take the refill dish out and peel the covers of the 2 adhering tapes on the back and place the dish in the case.
    • When the dish becomes empty, push it out of the case by inserting a coin or the like from the hole in the back of the case.


Cautions : 

  • Dirty sponge cannot apply foundation well and sponge itself gets damaged faster.
  • When the sponge becomes dirty, wash it in a thin and warm mild detergent solution by lightly pushing it. Rinse well and dry completely in shade.
  • Be careful not to drop it or avoid strong shock.
  • Due to the product’s characteristics, the surface of the powder might look uneven but it has nothing to do with the product quality.

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