Long-awaited Medicated Wrinkle Improvement Cream

The upward power to improve the 3D structure from within´Ż× Medicated wrinkle improvement cream which acts deeply on either “new line” or “deep wrinkle.

Skin to aim at
Vibrant skin on which wrinkles are not notable.

All women who do not want to give up on reducing wrinkles.

Selling Point
Contains Wrinkle Niacin, an active ingredient whose powerful anti-wrinkle effect has been officially approved. Medicated wrinkle improvement cream acts on both epidermal and dermal wrinkles.

Appealing points
- Double active ingredients
  Wrinkle improvement effect

- Instantly
  Effectiveness is felt.

Advancement and subjective symptoms of wrinkles
Skin becomes more prone to dehydration as we get older. / Skin surface tends to be hardened.

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