Rich Essence Rouge

A nourishing rouge with the long-lasting, vivid color of a lipstick that applies smoothly even over dry or chapped lips.

Formulated with Lasting Moist Shine compounds, the new KOSÉ ESPRIQUE Rich Essence Rouge spreads easily over the lips with a melting-smooth sensation, granting hydration, shine and vivid color all at once. Upon each application, the breakthrough long-wear formula stays comfortably on the lips.

Rich Essence Rouge Color :

  • BE360 - Dusty Rose
  • RD460 - Raspberry Sorbet
  • RO660 - Fig Tart
  • RO661 - Candied Apple
  • OR260 - Apricot Smoothie
  • OR261 - Peach Blossom
  • PK860 - Pink Guava
  • PK861 - Frosted Watermelon
  • PK862 - Strawberry Mojito
  • PK863 - Grapefruit Soda

How To Use : 

One Stroke Finish
For long wear with minimal transfer

  1. Twist approximately 3mm of product out of the lipstick bullet
  2. Apply evenly over the lips

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