Esp Glow Cheek (MHCF)

Glow Cheek is formulated with oil to create a healthy complexion with airy, translucent glowing cheeks, as if you’re flushing from within. Combines the lightness and bendability of power blush and the shine/translucency/makeup-lasting abilities of cream blush.

  • Formulated with special oil compounds that give skin a natural glow
  • Compounded with hyaluronic acid and phospholipids for a hydrating finish.
  • Contains blush and highlight shades for multidimensional-looking cheeks.
  • Non-sticky oils and spherical powders allow for easy blending
  • Fragrance-free

How To Use : 

A: Blush Shade
Pick up some color with the brush, taking care to tap off any excess apply in swift, circular motions over the cheekbones

B: Highlight Shade
Apply the highlight shade above the cheeckbones to accentuate the cheecks

C: Complete Look

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