Sekkisei White Washing Foam

To a translucent and beautiful skin, by treating dullness* and pores through daily cleansing and face wash.
*Caused by old cornified layer Achieve translucency by washing away the cause of skin dullness.
A face washing foam, now on sale.

Snowy skin, rather than white skin. SEKKISEI creates translucent skin with the power of oriental plant extracts.
Since launching in 1985, rumors of SEKKISEI’s effects have spread through word-of-mouth.
Now, mothers pass it onto their daughters, and it is spreading from Japan to the rest of the world.
Skin that does not retain dullness. SEKKISEI for washing.

A new front of face wash to achieve translucency. Focus has been placed on the various causes of skin dullness, and carefully selected the washing ingredient to achieve translucent care by removing residues. That is how “White Washing Foam” have been born.

Pleasant textured thick and creamy foam with moist and smooth washing result. Daily face wash leads to translucent skin, free of dullness 3 types of oriental herbal essence protect moisture in skin.

                     1. New ingredient Ritha tree essence

                     2. Fermented coix seed extract

                     3. Moutan cortex essence


How To Use?

- Wet hands and face. Take approximately 2cm of the product, add cold or warm water, and gently lather into foam. Wash face and rinse thoroughly

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