Infinity Advanced Moisture Concentrate

We’ve created a new skincare series that has reinvented the theory of aging care**.

This approach is to enhance the capacity of your stratum corneum, by providing hydration, preparing a base for beauty. We have focused on the mechanism by which dryness in adult skin turns into the signs of aging, like a lack of tone or elasticity. Repairs your stratum corneum and provides a feeling of vibrancy, for skin so healthy it will bounce back when touched.

*A care routine consisting of beauty serum to improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture, and a toner and a light moisturizer to improve texture and hydration.

** Skin care that deals with the aging process **.


Don’t let dryness become the signs of aging!
Made with the power of microorganisms that survive in harsh environments, and bio-cosmetic ingredients. Biotechnology x Penetrating technology

-[“Skin Potential Up” is not grammatically correct English. I suggest “Increase Skin Protection”]-
Prevent inflammatory factors that chronically secreted by aging cells, enabling cells in your epidermis to mature, and enhance the capacity of your skin, an approach that brings forth fundamentally beautiful skin. Repair your skin. For ideal skin with hydration that seems to well up from each and every cell, and tone and elasticity that seem to well up from within.

Our approach to beauty serum ingredients Prevent a negative cycle of chronic 3D change caused by aging cells. Repair the condition of your epidermis and your dermis - a beauty serum to build a solid foundation.

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