Hydrated, like bare skin.
“No makeup” makeup.

Your skin benefits more with it on, than without. Translucency that feels like bare skin.
A whitening* oriental plant-based CC cream, now on sale.
*Due to makeup effects.

Snowy skin, rather than white skin.
SEKKISEI creates translucent skin with the power of oriental plant extracts. Since launching in 1985, rumors of SEKKISEI’s effects have spread through word-of-mouth. Now, mothers pass it onto their daughters, and it is spreading from Japan to the rest of the world.

When applied after lotion, this item alone provides both skincare and base makeup effects, all in one! SEKKISEI White CC Cream – based on SEKKISEI’s concept of creating skincare-oriented products to create fine-textured, hydrated translucent skin like snow – is now here.

In addition to the oriental plant extracts also found in Medicated SEKKISEI, the CC Cream contains Snow Hydration Essence which hydrates and protects, as well as Amino Acid Coat Powder which gives a bare skin-like finish. It naturally covers trouble areas while imparting skincare effects for a hydrated “no makeup” makeup look,” giving you the appearance of bare skin.


Two characteristics of SEKKISEI White CC Cream
*CC stands for Complete (i.e. perfect) and Clarity (i.e. translucency).

  1. Your skin is better off wearing it than going without it. Excellent skincare effects that continue to hydrate the skin even after it’s washed off
  2. Thoroughly covers pores and uneven coloring, yet maintains a “no-makeup” makeup finish that’s brimming with translucency, all day long. 


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