INFINITY Perfect Protection UV White

SPF50+ / PA++++

30g Last for about 60 applications

(when used for face only)

Whitening care, anti-ageing care*,rough skin prevention triple effect

Medicated whitening sunscreen emultion that also thoroughly protects against long UVA* rays.


This sunscreen serum protects the skin even from long UVA* which reaches and damages deep inside the skin.

It helps skin appear healthy and bright while preventing melanin production, skin roughness and hot flash due to sun exposure.

*Long UVA: A type of UVA with longer wavelength.


How to use

  • Apply generously to the entire areas of the face and neck. If you apply only a small amount, it cannot deliver enough sunscreen effect.
  • Use about a pearl-size amount for the face.

*To remove, thoroughly wash off with your regular facial wash.


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