ESPRIQUE Cool BB / CC Spray UV 50 P (Limited Item)

SPF50+/ PA++++

Just spray on a sponge and apply to the skin! Skin feels 5℃ lower than actual temperature and pores shrink.

Cool BB spray to deliver matte and smooth finish



2 colors, 60g / 35g for BB Spray

1 color, 60g / 35g for CC Spray




・Skin feels 5℃ lower than actual temperature, which instantly shrink open pores.

・Plays 5 roles by itself. It easily realizes smooth, poreless-looking skin in a short time.

・Beautiful, just-applied finish continues by enduring sweat and water.

・It is designed to apply with a sponge. Fingers will not be messy at all.

■Feeling texture・Finish

・Delivers nice and cool sensation in hot summer.

・Light, watery texture easily and smoothly applies and blends with the skin. Finish is matte and smooth.

・Skin appears smooth and poreless.


■How to use

 ◆Use after lotion and emulsion. Shake the can well vertically and hold the can upright to spray.

 (This product must be used upright. If it is tilted too much or held upside down, only gas comes out.)

 ◆Hold the sponge firmly with palms and fingers, from about 2cm away from the spray can.

  Make sure that both sponge and can are held upright

 ◆To fix makeup during the day, firstly wipe the skin with a dry surface of the sponge first.

     Then, spray a small amount of BB or CC onto the sponge and apply to the skin.

     *To remove, use cleanser.


                            " Apparent pores are naturally covered! "

" It helps skin appear even and beautiful while delivering skin-tightening effect "

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